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Kripa Kiran Foundation

Kripa Kiran Foundation is a ministry to reach the unreached, unengaged, unseen, and unwanted with God’s Word.

Game of Life

Game of life is a scripture-based sports ministry program which aims to discipline young minds in sports-saturated third-world cultures while preparing them to succeed in the game. This is a sports evangelism tool that uses the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts as the base text without the chapter and verse numbers so that it reads like a story.

Reach For Life

Reach for Life is a New Testament-based ministry for Teenagers. It is a unique program that enables a young person to help another young person using the 42 relevant Bible studies pertaining to issues that every youth goes through like peer pressure, bullying, sexual temptations and other habits

Asha – Hope in Trauma 

In a world where women and girls are constantly subject to abuse, we often wonder where is God in all of this. There is a want and need to discover more about the heart of God for the broken-hearted, the wounded and the traumatized. This is where Asha steps in, in response to the overwhelming increase in human trafficking that our world has been facing.

Asha: Hope in Trauma

Asha was birthed in India, as a response to overwhelming increase in human trafficking our world is facing. It is a portion of the Bible, from the Gospel of John which tells us how Jesus lived, and how he interacted with all kinds of people, including people in the midst of trauma.


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