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Reach For Life

Reach for Life is a New Testament based ministry for Teenagers. This pocket sized New testament includes articles, testimonies, and resources written specifically for teens. It is a unique program that enables a young person to help another young person using the 42 relevant Bible studies pertaining to issues that every youth goes through. For example: Peer Pressure, Bullying, Sexual temptations and other habits, all geared to help young people reach for life. We aim to help reach & protect more than a million teenagers from risky choices of life.

Digital Scripture Engagement for Rising Generations

The main concept is built around scripture memorisation and application. This campaign will focus on inspiring young people to memorize key scripture verses along the lines of Reach for Life Journey which is a total of 40 to 50 verses and demonstrate their applicational story on a Facebook page that we will create these young people to be familiar with Reach for life and for those that do not know about it and might be willing to be a potential Reach for life user in the future. Our goal is to have young people memorize scriptures from the bible and share their applicational stories (impact stories) And then we get leads for further action or a follow-up of potential Reach for life groups. Our aim is to build relationships with partners, especially with different Churches and could potentially organize once-a-year Scripture Engagement Summits to gain further momentum in the program.