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Game of Life

  Game of life is a scripture-based sports ministry program which aims in disciplining young minds in sports-saturated third-world cultures while preparing them to succeed in the game. It is a sports evangelism tool that has been used to a more significant effect thus far. It uses the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts as the base text without the chapter and verse numbers so that it reads like a story. It also provides a six-week reading plan that includes those to help seek a deeper relationship with the Lord and to grow through reading his Word.  

The Need and purpose

  • Sports has been called the universal language. It can bridge not only language barriers, but barriers of geography, ethnicity and culture.
  • Even people who can’t understand each other can connect via sports. 
  • Athletic competition can be much more than just a common experience or activity. Sports can become a very powerful vehicle for sharing the gospel.