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Equipping Leaders

The need for equipping leaders is evident in most churches all across India. Over 90% of those serving in the field have no formal seminary or training. This results in unhealthy beliefs and practices.

Equipping Leaders is a programme dedicated to serving frontline grassroots workers with mobile, modular seminars geared to grounding them well in God’s Word and Work.

These seminars are customised and can be tailored anywhere between one day to a whole week.

Empowered leaders will lead better

    A program where partners with the Church or other institutions to help equip Pastors so that they can preach and teach sound doctrine to their followers.
  • •It targets the Pastors who have little or no theological education many of whom also lack the basic tool they need, the Bible.
  • •Pastors are given our contemporary language translations that further help them understand the Bible well to be able to teach accurately.