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Serve Like Jesus

Serve Like Jesus is a Bible resource that will draw you to the heart of the Gospel of Mark, jolt you out of the complacency of life, and prepare you to be in a place to serve. The first-person, relatable stories that are sandwiched between guiding pages and Bible text, are relevant to our lives today in 21st century. You will see yourself in them, and notice opportunities to serve as you never have, with what you already have! The book has special questions for children of the family and space for them to commit and feel valued. Accountability guaranteed! Ready to get uncomfortable?

Touching Lives

“Domestic work is still not seen as a career or a job in India, due to society’s prejudicial view of domestic workers as ‘servants’ rather than as ‘employees.’ This is evident in the way people treat their domestic help, subjecting them to a hazardous environment, sometimes to physical and mental torture, and making them work without basic rights, predictable hours or decent facilities. This social prejudice has also coloured our labor laws, as they exclude domestic work from their purview.”     - Shashi Tharoor, email interview to Blink.